New range of chemical peel

Regeneration Absolue Ligne of Selvert Thermal is incluses a  new range of chemical peels.  This new program has been thinking for beauty professionals and is composed by studied mixture of hydroxyacids. The challenges are to deal with the main problems of the skin as stains, acne, sagging and wrinkles. From the first sessions the skin look renew, so brightening and unblemished.

Professional  Products

The  skin becomes  soft, uniform and  bright  due  to  to these  effective hydroxy acids mixtures that  allow a powerful renewal skin.

PEELING M5% – L5% – for stains

To get a depigmenting  action  and even  the  skin  tone  we will use a  mix of  lactic acid, due to  their qualities of inhibition of the action of the tyrosinase,  it acts together with the  mandelic  acid.

PEELING M4% – G6% – for wrinkles

It is a mix of mandelic  and glycolic acid  as an  anti-aging treatment  intended to recover the elasticity and brightness of the skin as well as help to the  elimination of those fine wrinkles.

PEELING S2% – M8% – acne prone

This mixture of acids  will act effectively on the  cause of this unsightly skin problems  will be used to normalize the  skins that have acne.

Home Care Products

Revival Medium:  serum with gentle  texture  which, thanks to its innovative formula with AHA’s and BHA’s,  helps  to blur the main signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging.  It provides a correct skin renewal.

Revival Forte:  formulated with a high concentration of AHA’s and BHA’s this serum, with pleasant texture,  helps to blur the main signs of aging such as  as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging while allows  a correct skin renewal.     

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