Serum Selvert Activeur by cils of Selvert Thermal valued by one of the Spanish beauty blogs most reputed!

The prestigious beauty blog SQ Beauty has published a comprehensive review about the new serum for eyelashes of SELVERT THERMAL proven its high effectiveness and efficiency! In this sense this beauty specialist has been using this serum for 7 weeks and she has noticed that her eyelashes grow stronger and thicker. To demonstrate it you will see in the link posted some pictures of the “before” and “after”. Also this post has attracted more than 30 positive reviews from followers of the blog and the final consumers who have shown interest in the product.

As you know this serum contains MDN (Methylamido Dihydro Noralfaprostal) that has a direct impact in the growing cycle of the eyelash, the Vitamin B reinforces its vitality and the oligoelements boost its cellular metabolism.

All this combined to achive a seductive and beautifull look!

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